Aquarius - June 2010 - Funny Horoscope

It's crunch time this month for Aquarius in both the literal and other sense, but mostly the literal sense - particularly at breakfast times and during snacks throughout the morning. Favor unsalted nuts, mostly cashews, peanuts or hazel nuts (allergies permitting). Non literal crunch decisions you should look out for this month involve furnishings, upgrading your cable contract, and whether you eat enough fiber in your diet.

Boingy, bangy, but not overly strummy musics are your preferred breakfast radio and in- shower singing morning tunes.

You are about to be offered the opportunity to wear a top hat in a car. The kindness, or otherwise, of the things strangers walking past say to you will affect you in more ways than one.

Hopping, jumping, but not back slapping, are all well starred.

This month your destiny feels like it has the wrong color lipstick on.


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