Virgo - July 2010 - Funny Horoscope

Sweeping, glamorous, deep blue sea, palm trees swaying in a light breeze with not a cloud in the sky scenes will either induce feelings of 'gotta get away from this office job', or send you to sleep this month, depending on which anxiety dvd course the planets have got you on.

Neptune has been impressed by the yellow and red cards the referees in the World Cup have been using and particularly the power these seem to wield on those who have been naughty. Beware yellow and red in all of their forms until we can work this one out.

Drunk speed dating is positively starred as long as you check out the talent before the drinking starts and not during or after.

This month your destiny shares a foot long ham salad Subway on wheatmeal bread, low fat mayo, double tomatoes, with Death's estranged brother.


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