Scorpio - July 2010 - Funny Horoscope

'A stitch in time saves nine' is your phrase of the month, whatever that means. (A quick stitch now means you don't have to do 9 stitches later? We don't think so, sounds like it's pants around your ankles time later if you equate a quick stitch with 9 stitches, we're just saying. And why does it save 9 stitches later, why not eight or ten? Did the writer of this saying only choose 9 because it rhymed with time? This is just proof that you shouldn't listen to proverbs - they aren't anywhere near as accurate as horoscopes. That ends our mystical rant over accuracy. Phaa.)

'Better than I expected', 'much improved' and 'lovely' are your damned by faint praise phrases of the month.

Pruning hedges, prunes and parrots are all well starred.

This month your destiny has a proud heritage it is trying to live up to.


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