Aquarius - July 2010 - Funny Horoscope

Dilemmas, paradoxes, but not enigmas or mysteries, are your private detective investigation solving strengths for the month ahead. Generally you tend for the Columbo pretending not to know what he is doing but he does routine but without actually knowing what you are doing. Saturn is keen for you to try being more like Miss Marple, or that woman on Murder She Wrote.

You are about to make a decision, or are you? Jupiter says "Yes," Mercury says "No." What to do? The answer you are looking for has an a e i o or u in it.

Sport is about to give you an option of either a panicky sprint across a field, or a clinging on for dear life buttock clenching back of the boat ski pull. Choose wisely and have an extreme underwear misfortune disposal plan to hand.

This month your destiny is trapped like a fly in a spiders web... Cue optional eeeeeekkkk here if you are listening to this in a text to speech synthesiser.


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