Virgo - January 2010 - Funny Horoscope

"Oh no", "Oh my Gawd", "Jesus get the hell out of here" and "No, I'm not flubbing going in there," are all phrases you might reasonably expect to hear coming out of your own, or a fellow Virgo's, mouth this month as you enter what could very well be a haunted house, or it might just be a house it depends on which apparitions are in there, which things are being thrown through the air, and how long the blood stays on the walls. Go figure. There might be a useful book on Amazon we could recommend if we had time to look for it.

The color flame-yellow is well starred this month, especially on Tuesdays until well into dusk on the 26th of the month especially when seen in open fires or easily struck matches.

Beware women in turbans who claim to be collecting door-to-door for some charity or other.

This month your destiny is accused of a crime.


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