Leo - January 2010 - Funny Horoscope

Misdirected anger towards technology is well starred this month, with a better than average chance that the technology being harangued will start working correctly after a while. This is, of course, a completely random occurrence and is nothing to do with the planets until 19th of the month in which case all technology is in the hands of Neptune and so all bets are off.

Yogurts with exotic flavorings are meanly starred this month, especially Greek yogurt, unless you are reading this in Greece and in particular any of the Greek islands and live within a mile of the sea. Take your swimming trunks with you everywhere from the 7th of the month and be prepared for water to violently come at you from all directions until dusk on the 18th.

Befriend a small person and they will lead you in many directions, one of which may be fulfilling financially.

This month your destiny is out to lunch.


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