Virgo - February 2010 - Funny Horoscope

This will be a laugh filled month as you finally learn the gift that is being able to laugh at yourself. You are truly blessed.

Birdsong of the 'cheep cheep' variety, but not the squawking type, are highly starred this month by all but the charlatan-iest of horoscope writers. Blue birds are 1% better than brown birds this month for some reason or other.

Consternation over something that is not your problem will once again come to the fore. Bake a fruit pie, as long as it isn't blueberry and apple, and everything should turn out ok.

Saturn and Neptune are determined to upset a glass vase or a statuette of a horse or pony in your house near the door this month. Take extra precautions for goldfish in bowls and trippy up cables which you should have had tucked away securely by now.

This month your destiny is effusive.


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