Sagittarius - February 2010 - Funny Horoscope

Last month's panic attack over global warming will moderate this month as you renew your love of products in plastic packaging that can't be recycled. (Sagittarius has temporarily fallen under Neptune's spell - the planet also wants you replace all those new style energy efficient light bulbs with the old ones.)

Saturn is about to exert its influence on all carbohydrates and starches eaten by Sagittarius this month, which could have a profound effect on your new years diet resolution. This will induce a kind of euphoria that will make you feel that you can eat what you want and it won't make any difference to your dieting efforts. Stand by for Neptune's influence towards the end of the month which will make you feel suitably guilty.

Chocolate cakes and cakes with a lemon icing are particularly well starred this month and, due to a freak planetary alignment, they will be completely fat free until dusk of the 19th.

This month your destiny was born yesterday.


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