Sagittarius - Whole Year 2009 - Funny Horoscope

Pizzas and their fillings and toppings are set to enliven 2009 in ways too numerous to mention. Tomatoes will take on a mysticism not seen in centuries, onions, too, are about to become something more than just a vegetable to add to stuff. The bottom line is that if you could conceivably put it on a pizza the vegetable or fruit will be lucky and could possibly add a magic to your life not seen since that black and white snowy movie on the television recently.

Bangs, but not pops, could well decide your fate around 15th of February, especially if ingredients from a pizza are involved. Choose oranges and lemons in any citrus fruits based emergency.

Tall buildings will provide moments of calm in what will otherwise be quite a stormy year. Live through this one and you can do almost anything.


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