Libra - Whole Year 2009 - Funny Horoscope

You are going on a journey, according to Neptune, a long journey, possibly one involving sand, hot air and bumpiness. But a journey can, of course, be as much a spiritual one as well as a physical one, it can mean a kind of advancement, of learning. Whatever it turns out to be, take along some apples, and eat them when you feel hungry. Buy more apples along the way and eat them when you are hungry. Apples are a good food to take while travelling both physically, metaphysically and academically because they can also double as something handy to throw at things. Imagine taking along sandwiches - sandwiches are great to eat but throw them and they just disintegrate!

Belly dancing is indicated in your charts in the month of March. Ensure you have built up enough tummy blubber for this dance by eating lots of chocolate and fatty foods.

This year, your destiny suggests a deviation along the tropic of Capricorn.


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