Scorpio - September 2009 - Funny Horoscope

Singing jaunty, uplifting, songs over/through/around the camp fire, and scaring youngsters with ghost stories are both adequately starred, as Mercury is keen to scare others from afar.

Puppets, especially hand puppets worked from underneath a table to the amusement of young children, are set to give the performer a well needed lesson on excruciating back and neck pains. (Advice for back pain suffering puppeteers: Ensure that your reaction to the first loud click/crack heard coming from your back is heeded with humility and avoid any attempts at any attitude approaching 'the show must go on.' - No the show must end now, badly if necessary.)

Neck and back pains aside, shouting and wailing are about to become a way of life particularly on Tuesdays.

A sinister man with a milky eye is set to provide moments of abject terror when you drop your keys in the street on the 9th.


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