Libra - September 2009 - Funny Horoscope

Hair extensions and hand held hairdryers (when set to their lowest temperature setting) are both starred well in as far as it is possible to tell, although settings hot to ultra hot and above are too difficult to read. Take precautions and be ready to re-wet your hair at the smallest of smoky warnings.

A quest over mountainous terrain, icy slopes and/or watery crevices are abjectly undesirably starred, especially when sweepy classical orchestral music with a lacklustre urgentness is playing in the background. Take an mp3 player and play hip hop with a loudness as if your very life depends on it.

Gloves, handcuffs and possibly thick hand cream are well starred as long as your grip is not required for protracted holding-on to people hanging on for dear life off of tall buildings or cliffs.

Dawn of the 17th holds out the prospects of a win or a lucky finding.


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