Leo - September 2009 - Funny Horoscope

Falling off, under, and over things are periodically well starred this month, following Saturn's summer activity vacation at a combined television movie stunt and pro wrestling course.

This month the newly rested Saturn is set to teach you that, as your age progresses in the inadvertent as well as professional stunt industry, the successful fall is the one in which you successfully hide the full pain you are in at the end of it. Nobody wants to hear the kind of 'aaarrgghhhh' of honest excruciating pain regardless of what they may claim.

Kneading dough is well starred this month. Perhaps work out a way of using this planetary inspired talent to make new over weight flabby friends.

The number 5 is about to have significance on a remote control or a telephone key pad - press it with confidence for best results.


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