Cancer - October 2009 - Funny Horoscope

Whilst it's still a little too early to think of chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and Jack Frost is busy nipping noses in other colder countries at the moment, now might be the time to start to preparing the more sweet sticky December treats.

Frosted icing on cakes, especially on wedding cakes, holds out a 20% extra chance of tooth chip after the 7th. Bite slowly, friends, and maybe make the icing more malleable by licking it like a dog licks your face before crunching down.

Leap-frog is just one of the school playtime activities you will be excited by this month, but only if you are the one at the bottom bending over. Jumping over a bent down leap frogger is badly starred with a dental advisory for most of the month, especially with those with a large excess on their dental insurance.

This month your destiny is happier than of late and has his feet up by the poolside and a drink with an umbrella in.


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