Leo - November 2009 - Funny Horoscope

Herbology, holograms and healthy eating are all 'h' words set to illuminate the month in a positive light, as Saturn transects the equilibrium of the easterly shark.

Cars, motorcycles, but not red trucks, are well starred in any overtaking maneuver up until dusk of the 9th, as are hand signals made when your indicator lights fail around lunch time on the 18th. Remember: the internationally recognized hand sign to indicate you are slowing down is slowly flapping your arm up and down outside the car.

Now is the time to start training for any wrestling based activities in toy shops where only the most violent parent will get this years must have toy for the December festivities.

This month your lucky coin has a face value of 20 or 25.

Your destiny is like your pockets with a few loose change coins.


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