Gemini - November 2009 - Funny Horoscope

Animal sounds especially 'Oink', 'Neyyyy' and 'Eeee Hawwww' are all superbly starred as Mars transects the galaxy of The Little Cow. Farming fashions, such as they are, will generally be well starred during this period, especially shiny whole length to the waist boots and yellow buckets filled with brown lumpy gunk.

Jupiter relinquishes control over your destiny this month as it goes on a short sabbatical. Mars and Saturn have agreed to take up the slack, but they differ from Jupiter in the following important ways:

1) Left turns will become more hazardous

2) Activities involving fish will be less lucky on Tuesday nights

3) A visit to Austria will be added to your bucket list.

This month your destiny wears a dangly to the ground pearl necklace like a three year old dressing up for the first time.


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