Cancer - November 2009 - Funny Horoscope

Following October's challenging leap frogging star alignment (in which Mercury and Jupiter conspired to make bending more favorable than running and jumping over) this month, from the 6th, this will be reversed all-of-a-sudden. The dental advisory is partially lifted when flying over the top of a bent down leap frogger, and the bending downer has new and growing dangers of back pains, neck pains and being kicked hard senselessly in the rear. Head, neck and groin guards are necessarily starred.

A quiz question involving Mules and Donkeys will get your fingers searching feverishly for an answer this month. The answer will contain the word 'ass' much more than you might expect.

The great outdoors is set to make this month zing with romance, particularly wide open vistas including deep blue lakes, foliage laden trees and red sunsets.

This month your destiny wavers on the insane.


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