Gemini - May 2009 - Funny Horoscope

This month you should prepare yourself for a short sharp shock. This could be in the form of a surprise encounter with one of those television correction experts, perhaps Supernanny, or that loud army guy who does boot camp.

The stars are unclear if it is to be you that is the subject of correction or someone you know, or maybe even someone you met once - give us a break the stars are millions of miles away, there is scope for a lot of error, you're lucky you get coherent sentences at times it's really complicated doing this.

Horses are well starred, especially the riding of them side-saddle on some kind of gay parade. Oh, that reminds us: Avoid the temptation to remove your shirt in any gay parade unless you can count at least a three and a half pack on your abdominals.

Running, jumping, but not skipping are well to moderately starred from the 15th.


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