Capricorn - May 2009 - Funny Horoscope

Have you not learned anything from Susan Boyle? Just because a person looks a particular way doesn't mean they are that way.

Having said that there are important exceptions...

Big, hard looking skinheads with tattoos and big thick forearms, probably are exactly as tough as they look, and even if they aren't they see themselves that way so its probably best to give them a wide berth. And if they want to sing 'I dreamed a dream' for you you had better let them do it. You might be surprised or not, but in any case the planets advise you to act at the very minimum like Simon Cowell did to Susan Boyle.

Vegetarianism, veganism and vulcanism are all concepts beginning with v that Venus is keen to introduce to you: enjoy a v-based voyage of discovery.

This month archery and Robin Hood fashions, are surprisingly well starred.


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