Leo - June 2009 - Funny Horoscope

After last months euphoric superheroic exertions you may decide that the time is not yet right to remove the underpants from over the top of your tights - but you would be very very wrong to think this way. Flying, jumping off tall buildings, standing in front of locomotives with your hand out to stop them, are particularly badly starred this month, and, indeed, this is true, once again, going forwards for at least the next 27 years.

Gambling advice: Card games for, say, bottle caps, are highly to very well starred this month, but if money is involved your chances of winning are so bad you might as well consider giving everyone in the room your money and the keys to your car before you start. A quick exit from any money gambling game will not only save you money, it will give you enough free time to remonstrate loudly with any bankers in attendance that you blame for the current financial crisis.

A crush you had in High School is about to return in a surprisingly soap opera style fashion - remember how important it is to play tennis with your shirt off at all times.

This month your Alpha is fine, your Beta is OK, and your Omega is disappointing.


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