Leo - August 2009 - Funny Horoscope

Going out and coming home again are well starred for all of the month (this also includes for medium sized pets and smallish hand held plants).

Saturn, and one of Mercury's undiscovered moons, are in cahoots to bring to an end a conflict or a micro war you have been having with someone who deserves a good kicking (a micro war is when two or three people feud and fight). The offering of a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates are probably the best signs of contrition and should be accepted before the person offering them realizes what he/she has done.

The Earth's Moon is determined to wreak havoc on the weather dependent plans for all the 500 million or so Leos this month. Beware weather forecasts in all of their forms especially if the forecaster is a Sagittarius or Taurean.

This month your destiny is like a goat with bad breath and unforgiving teeth.


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