Aries - August 2009 - Funny Horoscope

Travel is set to come under the direct influence of a niggled Pluto and its 'moons' this month. Traffic lights, rail crossing lights and road crossing lights are set to act in an erratic fashion as Pluto attempts to prove it has the powers of a real planet and not just a cluster of large rocks. If Pluto is a real planet it could cause absolute chaos this month, beware.

Moonwalking, but not disco dancing in which you point at things during the 'performance', are well starred especially in any Michael Jackson tribute or celebration of his life.

Greetings, including hearty hugs and slaps on the back are perfectly starred in moderate measure, as are kisses on the cheek but only in Europe.

This month your destiny is just like the wired netting in cage fighting that takes the weight of the man being punched in the head and body until he is knocked unconscious.


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