Sagittarius - February 2009 - Funny Horoscope

This month you will never be more than 30 minutes away from a top hat and tails musical rendition of 'Me and my shadow'. Getting the dance steps right now will pay dividends later.

A 'storm in a teacup' is a nicely English type way of saying that there may be moments of sudden small scale torment up until 16th of the month, by which time the main danger should be confined to the bathroom by blocking the door with a large cupboard or wardrobe.

Generally, nature programs on the television can be considered safe territory at least for you. Obviously not of the poor calf that's about to be eaten by a lion who as luck would have it is also a Sagittarius.

This month your destiny wears the shoes of a ten pin bowler and the matching hat of a desperate man.


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