Aries - February 2009 - Funny Horoscope

Star crossed lovers are set to bring a Shakespearean twist to your love life this month, beware window ledges or porches in all of their forms - and hats with feathers in them.

A wise decision you made last month is set to pay dividends. This could be a fractionally lower cholesterol reading after eating all that fresh fish, or it might be that purchase of bank shares that rose sharply after bottoming out last month. Whatever good is about to unfold it is well deserved and you should enjoy it to its fullest extent possibly to the nth degree or at least the fth degree.

Saturn's transjunct on the lower bottom is set to undermine any building project you undertake this month - be mindful of the dangers of incorrectly mixed cement or concrete mixture.

Happiness is well starred in the most saccharine, mindless, sunny sense.


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