Scorpio - December 2009 - Funny Horoscope

A cartoon from Eastern Europe involving a talking tea set, a tea pot with oversized lips, or a purchase of some 'special' tea that makes a tea pot talk in your own mind, are well starred this month, as Jupiter spins its influence eclectically.

Guffaws, side-splitting laughter, but not chuckling, are well starred, especially in any specifically seasonal based pursuits.

The term 'I'll take that to the bank', 'You can take that to the bank' and 'You can bank on it' may lead to deafening pauses in any animated conversations with the possibility of the conversational equivalent of tumbleweed in the desert at times. (The use of the word bank is not likely to be well starred until well into the 2020s.)

This month your destiny is in charge of a real metaphorical lighthouse.


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