Sagittarius - December 2009 - Funny Horoscope

Whining, whinnying and why-ing are all well starred this month as your reality begins to resemble a British pantomime with Pamela Anderson in it. Now, Pammy is, indeed, playing the Genie Of The Lamp in London's New Wimbledon theatre between Sunday 13th December to Sunday 27th December - this is in perfect alignment with the stars and looks set to be a rip roaring event. (If you know nothing about panto in your culture, just shout loudly 'behind you' and go about your business.)

Santa hats, and Rudolph reindeers are perfectly starred as long as you are not a bald sagittarius.

Hat flipping and backwards somersaults are badly starred with a shin injury warning from 17th of the month until the new year.

This month your destiny is fine thank you.


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