Gemini - December 2009 - Funny Horoscope

Spinning metallic type dials, but not arrows and playing cards, are well starred in any game playing activity during December, especially if your chosen counter color is red, yellow or green. Bad tidings will ensue in any blue counter, or brown color choices.

In card games beware the duplicitous call of a queen of hearts, her wry smile is there to fool you, the witch.

Jupiter is determined to treat you to some kind of entertainment, be it fireworks, water falls or maybe just a burst water pipe or boiler in your, or a neighbor's, house. Enjoy.

This month there is an evens chance you could literally get egg on your face and not metaphorically. Beware side stalls with exploding omlettes (they are mostly found near the chestnut roasting on an open fire stalls this time of the year).

This month your destiny is just peachy.


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