Virgo - August 2009 - Funny Horoscope

The phrase 'having your cake and eating it' has always troubled you... Today cakes all have best before dates on them so if you don't eat your cake before the best before date you will lose your cake. So you can have a cake and not be able to eat it because it has gone off. The point the planets are trying to make here is to make the most of time, what you have today might not be there tomorrow, and don't listen to old sayings from elderly people about cakes.

And another thing: Kenny Rogers had it down partly right when he said 'Never count your money while you're sitting at the table' (C) The Gambler, however his logic was also flawed in a number of specific circumstances, like you have to pay a bar bill out of your winnings and if the winnings are less than the bar bill you would have to count all of your winnings to make sure how much you were short.

These are just two problems you will encounter in an increasingly cliche filled world of yours in part due to a storm raging on Saturn's underside.


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