Aries - August 2009 - Funny Horoscope

Bourguignon, made of beef or any other beef-like ingredient, with spaghetti or long type pasta (Saturn doesn't like the shell shape types in the supermarket one little bit) is well starred this month especially when served with meat balls and a nice red wine and arranged on the plate in an easterly direction.

East facing is, indeed, well starred for all of the month especially at sunrises, and also for sunsets if you are after a perfect all round tan.

Mercury is about to obstruct a plan or a strategy; expect to encounter problems of the flashing red kind. Sirens or alarms also seem to be in your charts as Pluto aspects the lower motions of a hesitant Jupiter.

In view of this celestial uncomfortableness heed warnings from creaking joints and respect aging in all of its back achy forms.


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