Virgo - April 2009 - Funny Horoscope

'Virgo And The Chaos Theory' is the title of a very very long book. Virgo butterflies are responsible for more hurricanes than any other insect on earth. This month your chaos quotient is set to 'high and rising', and could be set to increase to 'tremendous explosion' on the chaos dial.

But telling you to beware is like trying to balance eggs on top of each other. And you have heard such warnings from this website before... Remember, we predicted the credit crunch before world governments did - Saturn told us it was all going to end badly in 2006, and Saturn is now giving us the same warning for Virgo and eggs.

Make the most of your increasing sexiness from the 12th to woo someone you admire, remembering that chaos is your friend.

This month your destiny chews the cud in the cow in the field of dreams.


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