Taurus - April 2009 - Funny Horoscope

If there is one star sign that the term 'boom and bust' refers to it is Taurus. You are the action man, woman, of the zodiac, and you know all there is to know about financial, as well as actual, bubbles.

Saturn is now on side to help out either financially, or more probably to give you help on the bubbles side. Look out for a hard to resist recession busting deal on a bubble making machine that will make you the sensation of your neighbourhood.

Of course, the cynics out there will point out that he term 'boom and bust' can also be interpreted differently, and could also mean you like blowing things up, and/or you like big chests or head and shoulder only statues. Whatever the heck it means you've got it by the barrow load this month thanks to Jupiter's kindly wink. So what if more members of the Taliban are Taurus than any other star sign?

This month your destiny plays chess with fate.


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