Sagittarius - April 2009 - Funny Horoscope

Sagittarius find it almost impossible to throw things away. Their junk room is pretty much taking over their whole house, their whole life, and they laugh openly and at length in the faces of those who try to tell them to get rid of stuff. But will they listen?

Communal recycling has always been a mystery to this star sign. Surely, they say, people can reuse plastic bottles and make them into useful things - such as pots for plants or containers for earrings? Surely old newspapers can be mashed up and moulded into papier machie for a creative crafting session, and stuff?

If Pluto has its way this month, now is the time for Sagittarius to end their anti-recycling, for that is really what they are suffering from. It is time to embrace cleansing trips to the recycling dump and baths in which you let the water flush down the drain and not into a giant home-made container.

On the negative side, your destiny is determined to make you need something you have just thrown out.


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