Taurus - September 2008 - Funny Horoscope

Exotic places, especially ones with a dangerous security rating, are well starred this month and next. It is not clear if the planets are trying to put you in harms way or are innocently encouraging you to invest in yourself with some exciting international travel. Probably a bit of both - BEWARE! in an interested nose-in-guide-book-constantly-looking-behind-you kind of way.

Card games with bald people, either intentionally bald (shaved rather than plucked) or naturally, are well starred as long as they don't have tattoo's on their forearms. If Jupiter insists that you play any violent looking tattooed card players then we recommend the arm bar as a submission move which is particularly useful when your card playing opponent's hands are in front of him on the table.

This month your destiny is out to lunch.


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