Sagittarius - October 2008 - Funny Horoscope

Karma is about to enter your life in a sadly violence laden way: A white dove will swoop down on your forehead in an attempt to lovingly mop your furrowed brow with its fluffy tummy. Unfortunately you will instinctively swipe the dove of peace violently away with your hand in an impulsive scream-filled reaction and probably break its neck. The dove's death will doom you to cooking accidents well into March 2009, if Mars has its way.

On the home decoration front: You will have difficulty explaining the shade of off-brown that you want to your local paint mixing store. Let the planets help you with this - take a colour picture of Jupiter and point out exactly the shade you are looking for (the bit just under the red blotch). Sorted.

This month your destiny is like a fairy tale wolf with lots of puff but without any house to blow down.


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