Gemini - March 2008 - Funny Horoscope

What is the difference between fearless self-confidence and sheer unfettered arrogance? You will find out the answer to this riddle this month and may even have the bruises to show for it if Neptune has its way.

Scavenging on the coast for shellfish, in all of their forms, is well starred, and will benefit from a mini tidal-wave coming in from the East Coast, brought about by a combination of Mercury's nefarious activities with one of its moons after the 7th, and a new dance craze sweeping the world from Asia which is similar in effect to an upside down Amazonian rain dance.

Best to remember throughout the month that shellfish do not respect human immodesty in any of its forms and will seek to bite and chew at you during any moments of back-to-nature-inspired nudity.


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