Gemini - June 2008 - Funny Horoscope

Saturn is convinced you can 'do' a good Captain Kirk and advises you to dress in his attire for much of the month. (There's no point in arguing with the planet, once its mind is made up it is set.) Pluto disagrees and suggests a less challenging costume / hairstyle. We advise following Saturn as it is a much bigger planet than Pluto.

The Frank Sinatra standard 'Mack The Knife' will be your 'hum everywhere' tune this month. If the opportunity presents itself sing this in harmony with at least two others on the train commute to work each morning.

Trips to India and Pakistan are highly starred, although it's not clear if the planets have done this for their own personal entertainment purposes. Both countries are high up on most 'danger of terror for foreigners risks' so any trip to these countries could lead to explosions. This could be what the planets are hoping will happen, just to liven up what is otherwise a very dull June as far as Gemini is concerned.

This month your destiny wears the turban of a happy man.


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