Sagittarius - February 2008 - Funny Horoscope

It is a common Sagittarian mistake to start a fight when they feel confused. This is especially so this month with Mars in such an uncompromising mood. Take a deep breath, pay for a pamper, relax, meditate, become one with infinite wisdom. This really is the only way to avoid doing something really stupid this month.

An envious streak will burn brightly this month when an acquaintance is seen throwing his money about. Once again, relax, take time to realize what is really important in your life, sob inconsolably, and then move on.

You will be reminded of Lucille Ball next time you venture into the frozen chickens section of a favorite supermarket: In this state do not attempt to lift one from the chest level freezer unit as a melee will undoubtedly ensue.

Never lie about your weight to a man who can mentally undress you. You won't be able to fool him, remember, you're standing naked in front of him.


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