Pisces - February 2008 - Funny Horoscope

Avoid the temptation to take control of routine or mundane matters this month as this can give the impression to others that you are serving staff on a dressed-down Friday.

Refuse to be taken advantage of, but do it quickly! Do not let work based disputes stew as you are then likely to start weeping uncontrollably as you make your views known, leaving others no option but to tell you to 'pull yourself together', thus negating any of the arguments you initially intended to put across.

Arguments involving deep sea snorkeling should be avoided even if you know anything about the subject until well after dusk on the 26th.

You will invent a new knot this month which is set to help disabled people get into the bath 5% quicker, which doesn't sound much but over a lifetime that's quite a saving.


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