Taurus - December 2008 - Funny Horoscope

Cocktails which include pineapple as an ingredient are always well starred, it's the small umbrella in them that varies wildly. Up until the 17th all is well in the miniature umbrella world, however the chances of umbrella face-poke, or other danger, increases exponentially after the 19th. Be on your guard and don't try ordering the same cocktail without the umbrella because that will only make things worse. Best to steer clear of all cocktails until well into February or until Saturn gets out of his 1960's type funk.

An interview involving Larry King is badly starred this month. The chances are that it is not you he is interviewing, although it could be if Mercury and Mars have their way. No, it's more likely that something untoward will happen when you watch him or when you are doing something else when the interview is broadcast.

This month you destiny is fluid for a short time on the 13th.


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