Leo - December 2008 - Funny Horoscope

Small masks over the eyes to supposedly protect someone's identity - like they used to have in secret agent type TV shows (surely you must be able to make out who it is if you know the person) are coming back into fashion this month.

The reason the planets are choosing to give you a heads-up on this is because you are about to be the witness to an unmasking. In your hands the planets have given you a chance to unleash psychological torment untold for the rest of the un-masked person's life. An 'oh yea I knew all along' response could well shatter their self esteem. On the other hand a too convincing mock surprise may build the de-masked person's self esteem up to unsustainable levels. The feeling that everything depends on your response will pervade the month. Enjoy/don't enjoy it's up to you, but the result will ultimately all be your fault.

Gifts given involving animal fats with high amounts of saturated fats are well starred. Are you trying to fatten someone up or give them heart disease? The stars say you are.


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