Capricorn - December 2008 - Funny Horoscope

Running, jumping, and also that rolly along the ground thing they do in films while holding a gun when they are trying to go sideways but keeping their body close to the ground, are tremendously well starred. Indeed, this month international espionage is particularly well starred in all of its forms, or it might just be that you go to see the new James Bond movie at the cinema, or watch an older one on the television.

Escargot (French for snails) and French Toast are both moderately starred when eaten on their own, but your chances of winning the lottery will quadruple if you have eaten both of these delicacies before buying a lottery ticket at any time during the month. If they actually sell these items in the shop where you buy the ticket this increases to 6 times better chance of winning, thanks to one of Saturn's moons.

The gift of destiny this month is red with something that wobbles as if it is about to fall off but is in fact surprisingly well secured...


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