Aries - December 2008 - Funny Horoscope

Yes, that bouncy tune with a catchy lyric and beat you have stuck in your head is driving you and those around you clinically mad. This is a madness that will creep up on those around you and will ultimately lead to exhibitionistic dancing in a shopping mall or down your street if Neptune has anything to do with it.

Multiple strangenesses, possibly taking the form of red and white beards or wigs could possibly serve to undermine your view of reality at times. Reindeers with red noses should be avoided until well into the 29th of the month - perhaps try to buy their favours with a bowl of water, maybe a small sweet pie before then, but nothing more.

This month gifts involving frazzled looking bald headed men with sticky out clumpy hair at the sides of their heads are ad hoc-ly starred until the 16th after which they prove to be very badly starred indeed.


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