Cancer - October 2007 - Funny Horoscope

A frisky goat will decide on a course of action which will subject you to a tempest of ridicule around the 9th. If possible, in the ensuing melee, attempt to fall on top of the guy with the video camera recording your hilarious exploits. Unfortunately, even if you manage to flatten the video guy bastard, it will not avoid the inevitable appearance of this tape on one of those home movie accident shows. On the positive side, the guy who shot the video will take the considerable amount of money he makes from the video to build a new more constructive, harmonious, life for himself. Saturn will be looking down on you in a grandfatherly way, so expect a special treat for your entertainment value.

Avoid bare footed cart wheels and hoola-hooping on the second Sunday of the month.

Your lucky animals are a Moose and an Owl, as long as they are seen separately. If seen together, run into a barn or jump head first into a haystack.


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