Aquarius - June 2007 - Funny Horoscope

You will be drawn to a Hollywood Great from the 1920's this month, even though, at the moment, you have never heard of her. Rene Garawayde was the originator of the shocked hand-over-the-eyes look used extensively in the silent era to signify 'walking into wind'. This unexpected infatuation will have you question your sexuality on more than one occasion, however the questions will not lead to any interesting answers, although it may reawaken a love of wearing bushy dresses with a gym slip underneath.

A syringe will become stuck in your arm this month in a bizarre accident involving an action doll figure. The person who advises that the stuck needle should be pushed further in before it can be pulled out is evil - do not listen to him, even if he wears a doctor's coat.

Your life depends on you avoiding a tongue twister involving the letter P after the 8th.


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