Cancer - September 2006 - Funny Horoscope

What appears to be a simple run-of-the-mill planetary conjunction between Jupiter and Mars on the 9th, is about to have a profound effect on your taste buds. Both relish and tomato ketchup will 'taste funny' for most of the month. Be on guard when adding what is normally your favourite condiment up until 18th.

A shock involving the combination of a cough and a sneeze is set to stun you and those in your immediate area after 10:30am on the 7th. It is unclear from your charts what the source of the incident will be. Best be advised to take sensible nasal precautions from the 2nd onwards and take your favourite extra-strong sneeze prevention and catching methods with you at all times. Rudimentary nose care is especially advised when in the shower.

You will discover a new word on the 20th which will serve you well in spelling competitions.


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