Pisces - October 2006 - Funny Horoscope

Visualization techniques are a good way to prepare for most verbal confrontations that you are likely to be faced with this month. That said, there is a danger that your overanalysis of situations, when coupled with your typically slow Pisces intellect, might lead to confusion in your argument if your visualization techniques haven't completely finished before the real confrontation occurs...

...the only advice the planets have to give you, is 'good luck', and 'when does the show start?'

Extreme cases of argument preparation may even make you talk to yourself, or at least mouth the words and act "all weird like" to passers by or other people sitting next to you on buses or trains. 75% of all strange people will be Pisceans this month.

It looks like you will be forced to take the blows reined in by those intolerant of your type this month, but, on the bright side, Saturn is in your corner for most of the time as it takes up its position as Pisces corner-man for much of the rest of the year.


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