Cancer - October 2006 - Funny Horoscope

You are about to experience a feeling of "crazy power" this month and you will be judged on how well you handle this.

Minefields, shark infested waters and tea parties for the over 70's are areas in which your luck is favorable - as long as you don't push your luck to the 'nth degree'. Your chart does not say what the nth degree actually is, sorry, but we would probably suggest to avoid people with the letter n in their names to be on the safe side.

A complete misunderstanding involving a plate of potatoes and a miniature New York Skyscraper are set to take on comedy slapstick proportions not seen since the golden age of black and white sitcoms of the 1950's. Ensure your political correctness is in check at all times, especially when demanding that your woman does housework or needlecraft.


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