Gemini - May 2006 - Funny Horoscope

Your irrational fear of the weights room at the gym, and physical exercise using weights in general, will come to a head this month.

A seaside astrologer once told you these gym fears were due to you having been kidnapped by a muscly person wearing a gym vest in a previous life.

This is of course complete nonsense - it was because Saturn and Mars were adjunct. Well, good news: As of the 4th of this month, this is no longer an issue, hooray for you!

Even so, cautiously temper your gym activities this month, avoiding incidents which could lead to kidnapping type incidents in all of their forms, including being imprisoned accidentally in small closets or wash rooms.

When laying on your back looking up at the stars, ensure that Saturn has a clear line of sight to you as it flies like a slow-motion dove through the skies around the 23rd.


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