Loose Change 2nd Edition

Loose Change 2nd Edition is the controversial internet conspiracy documentary that everyone is talking about. Whether you agree or disagree with the points, it's now firmly part of the debate.

As part of this debate theVoiceofReason.com presents the documentary in 14 parts, each indexed so that you can go straight to the conspiracy point you are interested in...

Loose Change 2nd Edition, A Louder Than Words Production
Part 1

Chapter 1 Operation Northwood (Suggestions to the US government, in the 1960's, proposing domestic violence to stir up / justify anti-Cuban attacks). Possible use of a drone to simulate passenger jet crash. Crosshairs on cover of FEMA's 'Emergency Response To Terrorism.' Rebuilding America's Defenses - Pearl Harbor comments... Did CIA meet Osama Bin Laden in July 2001? Put options on airliner stocks before 9/11. Senior US officials told not to fly on 10th September 2001... [Watch this part]

Part 2

Chapter 2 Vigilant Guardian. War games were being played out on 11th September, only 14 aircraft protecting the USA. Media coverage of 9/11: Anyone who dissents from Bush's course of action is unpatriotic. Bush administration empowered to pursue an aggressive foreign policy after 9/11. Why were there reports of secondary (and further) explosions after the first jet crash in WTC? [Watch this part]

Part 3

Chapter 3 Could a Boeing 757, Flight 77 (Pentagon plane), have made the maneuver in the air that is claimed? Was the pilot that good? Road lights seemingly plucked from the road, laid down. Was Flight 77 really vaporized, why can't we see the engines? Was it really a Boeing 757 that made this hole? [Watch this part]

Part 4

Chapter 4 Flight 77 had steel and titanium engines, they could not possibly have been vaporized... it wasn't hot enough... so where are they? Was the Pentagon hole made by a Cruise Missile? Suggestion that a Boeing 757 is simply not strong enough to make that hole in the Pentagon - the front section isn't that hard. [Watch this part]

Part 5

Chapter 5 Testimony from an eye witness to the Pentagon attack told to take the money and shut up. Strange path on lawn of Pentagon in days before 9/11 which mimic trajectory of whatever hit the Pentagon on 9/11. Smell of cordite in the Pentagon, which is a different smell to aircraft fuel. There was a white jet in the air above the White House when all other aircraft told to land. What was it? [Watch this part]

Part 6

Chapter 6 World Trade Center Building 7 collapses on 11th September 2001 without being hit. Why did all of the WTC buildings collapse at freefall speed? This must, surely, be evidence of a controlled explosion? [Watch this part]

Part 7

Chapter 7 So, what brought down the World Trade Center buildings so quickly? Was it a controlled demolition? Eyewitnesses reported hearing secondary explosions. [Watch this part]

Part 8
Chapter 8 Did firefighters report hearing secondary, and further, explosions following the jet crashes? [Watch this part]
Part 9

Chapter 9 Reports of bright flashes inside the buildings as they collapse, evidence of controlled demolition? Were explosives put inside WTC buildings during a power down period in the weekend before 9/11? Claim: 9/11 was a psychological attack on the USA by elements inside the country as a basis for expanding a hard-line foreign policy. [Watch this part]

Part 10

Chapter 10 Alternate explanation for Flight 93. Did Osama Bin Laden do it? [Watch this part]

Part 11

Chapter 11 Where are 3 out of 4 of the black boxes? How come the passport of one of the (alleged) hijackers was found on the streets? Where is the final 3 minutes of the Flight 77 black box voice recorder? [Watch this part]

Part 12

Chapter 12 Are the cell phone calls made from the planes on 9/11 fakes? Seemingly strange things were said. Evidence is presented that cell phones weren't very reliable at those heights. [Watch this part]

Part 13

Chapter 13 Are the names and pictures given of the hijackers correct? It is said that the Osama Bin Laden 9/11 confession tape is poorly lit, he is right handed, and he is wearing a ring (not likely for religious reasons)... this is all very strange. Does it even look like him at all? [Watch this part]

Part 14

Chapter 14 Gold depositories under the World Trade Center - have they gone missing? Has America been hijacked by tyrants out to embark on their own foreign and domestic policy agenda? [Watch this part]

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