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Porky's 1 and 2
Studio executives summary / pitch
Definitive getting laid High School 1950's bedlam.
Short plot summary

1: Peewee gets laid for first time

2 : Peewee has got laid

What our panel of critics thought

"Kim Cattrell in pre Sex and the City days... Thank goodness she is now playing quieter characters, or the whole of New York City would have been screamed to bits by now."

"A veritable cornucopia of High School hi-jinx. How wonderful to see the young guys winningly destroying a den of iniquity of such bully boy proportions. Bravo Boys! What happened to Porky in the second movie? Was he in it at all?"

"This is the worst piece of heterosexual poop I ever did see."

"Is this movie based on a true story? We are never told."

"My, how reasonable those fundamentalist Christians were! I have always found Shakespeare to be wholly unappetizing after an afternoon of watching my tv soaps."

"The second is not as good as the first - it gets a bit wordy in the middle - but its heart is in the right place, and following on from the original classic it was doomed to second place. I won't mention the third one."

"Reasonably intelligent in a mindless High School kind of way. The problem is, number two just does not have the equivalent of the classic shower room scene, although it tries with frogs in sexual positions, snakes in the toilet to scare Miss Balbrikker who has a breakdown, and circumcision of a KKK member. There is a third movie but I can't remember anything about it."

"Porky's Two: A joyous moment of vomit heaven with that naughty-but-nice Wendy giving the senator his comeuppance for double talking doublespeak - things of which those grown up politicians are so fond. I would gladly pay money to see the cast in a middle life version - let's see how their principles have all been compromised."

Quotable quotes (real)

One: "This broad must be from Brooklyn."

One: "Give me pussy or give me death."

Two: Rev Flavell: "So sayeth the shepherd." Followers chanting: "So sayeth the flock." Principal: "Get the flock out of here."

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary


Angel Beach High is the setting for this movie where students organize hijinks when not trying to get laid. (Example: Cherry Forever, a prostitute, is hired as bait to get the guys out to a country shack, where a black guy then attacks their naked selves, chasing them into the woods. Another example: Peewee phones Wendy at the chili bar and asks for her to call for Mike Hunt - She screams 'Anyone seen "Mi Khunt?"').

Miss Balbrikker, a frumpy looking brawler-type boot of a girls PE instructor, is the butt of many jokes. She is determined to catch Tommy, one of the leaders of the group.

The famous Porky's shower room scene: There are holes in the walls of the girls showers - the boys can sneak into a back room to go watch them showering. In one incident, the guys are watching their female friends. As a joke, Tommy takes out his penis and puts it through the hole. By this time the girls have left the shower and Miss Balbrikker has arrived. She sees the penis, grabs it and pulls with all her might. After this she is determined to find the culprit and, based on the penis she pulled, is certain it is Tommy's. Nobody takes her seriously.

The guys decide to go to Porky's, but, when they are ripped off, they go back seeking revenge. They pull down the entire wooden structure, and get away with it.

Movie ends with Peewee having sex with Wendy.


The next day. Peewee has now gotten laid. He attempts to get the guys back for the Cherry Forever stunt, but fails when he is double crossed.

Attempting to put on a Shakespeare play at school, local Fundamentalist Christians attempt to close the production claiming blasphemy - led by Rev Bubba Flavell who has teamed up with Miss Balbrikker. A senator Wendy knows promises them help, but does not.

Finding out that members involved with the KKK like watching porn movies, the guys use this to undermine Rev Flavell's campaign.

The movie ends with Wendy initiating a vomit-fest at a restaurant she attends with the senator, a ruse intended to embarrass him for betraying his earlier promises to allow performance of Shakespeare to go on.

Other comments

The sequel is a reworking of the bits that worked so well in the first outing. Number one is a very good movie, deserving of a classic entry in this review series for its type (the first of the modern High School teen flicks?). However, when both movies are taken together, the two movies average down to popcorn. Include the third one (Porky's Revenge) and it goes further down.

Date of review

March 7, 2002

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